Point Location Vol. 1

What is The Big Picture Book of Point Location?

This book is an illustrated guide to finding acupuncture points. It is intended to add to the information taught in point location classes. Albert Stern has taught anatomy and point location for over ten years. This book collects the ideas, concepts, and tools found to help students locate and needle points. Emphasis is placed on what a student will "feel" when palpating the body. Relationships between points are explored. Common problems are discussed and solutions offered.  

What Material is Covered?  

Volume One covers the major points on the leg and pelvis. Not every point is covered. The emphasis is on common and important points such as: St 36, Sp 9, GB 34, Sp 6, GB 30, and UB 32. A complete list of all the points and muscles included can be found: here. 

There is great emphasis placed on anatomy. Point location cannot be separated from anatomy. As a result major muscles are described in detail including origin, insertion, and action. Ideas and concepts are conveyed through unique and clear illustrations. 

Where have these books been used?  

These ideas and concepts have been used in classes teaching anatomy and point location since 2008. These specific books have been used in workshops specifically about needling and point location. 

 Available in two formats: print and Apple iBooks