Point location Vol. 2


Volume 2 - Abdomen, Chest, Back, and Neck

This book covers the anatomy and points located on the back, chest, neck, and abdomen. Great emphasis is given to safety and accuracy when needling. Includes a detailed discussion regarding needling above ribs and internal organs. Addresses real life concerns about needle warnings, client concerns, and needling points effectively. 

What Material is Covered?  

Volume two covers the major points on UB line, chest, and abdomen. Major items include: UB 11-26, Du 3-14, GB 20, GB 21, Lu 1, Ren 4, Ren 6, and LI 18. A complete list of all the points and muscles included can be found: here.

Where have these books been used?  

These ideas and concepts have been used in classes teaching anatomy and point location since 2008. These books have been used in workshops specifically about needling and point location. 

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