☯ My Favorite Email Tool (Great for Acupuncture Practices)

Writing and answering email is part of running a successful acupuncture practice. It can be overwhelming and maddening at times. There are amazing tools out there which can make the whole process much easier and effective.

One of my favorite tools is Boomerang for Gmail. I think everyone should know about it. I want to share how useful this tool is with other practitioners. 

Boomerang is an add-on for gmail which offers a number of powerful functions. These features can give working acupuncturist invaluable tools for practice management. 

Scheduling Email 

Boomerang adds an extra button when composing email titled, “Send Later”

This button gives you the option to send email in the future. You can choose the day and time the email is sent. 

Scheduling email is powerful and can be used to: 

  • Check in on a client after a scheduled medical test
  • Remind a client when an herbal product will need refilling
  • Wish happy birthday or congratulations on a graduation 



No Reply - Boomerang it!

One of the most challenging things to track is email conversations in which there is no reply. It is easy lose track of critical conversations with clients, vendors, or networking opportunities when the other party does not reply when you expect. 

Boomerang offers a simple check box to solve this problem. Composing any email and marking it to be “Boomeranged” - returns the email to your inbox if there is no response in a given time. The email returns to your inbox reminding you of the unfinished conversation.

I have found this simple reminder of unfinished conversations incredibly helpful. It has reminded me of countless details and conversations I otherwise would have lost track of in the course of a busy day.


Clean Your Inbox with Reminder Email

Boomerang also offers the feature to take an existing email in your inbox, remove it, and resend it to yourself at time you specify. This acts as a reminder and gets the clutter out of your inbox. 

The most obvious use of this feature is with bills. You can receive a bill due on the 30th of the month and have it resent to yourself a few days before it needs to be paid. However I use it in my practice to remind me of conversations and recent happenings with clients. 

If a client emails me saying, “I have to reschedule because I was invited to meet the governor at the art museum.” I can resend this email to myself the day of the new appointment – reminding me to ask about meeting the governor. 



I have been using Boomerang for years now. It is simply invaluable.

The website http://www.boomeranggmail.com/ makes it super easy to set up in your browser. They also offer YouTube videos explaining how to use each function.

There is a free version of Boomerang and a tiered pricing for more expanded service.

Given that you can try it for free, check it out.