Q: What is TCM Picture Book?

A: TCM Picture Book provides texts and study guides to help in the process of learning Traditional Chinese Medicine. These materials use art and design to reimagine, reorganize and explain standard TCM material.

Q: Who is the author?

A: Albert Stern is an acupuncturist practicing and teaching in Denver, CO. Albert has been teaching for over five years. In that time he has learned to use his background in advertising, design, and illustration to help students learn and comprehend the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

Q: Will there be more books? 

A: Yes. It takes longer to create this books than it would seem. But there are plans for future books (possibly the Divergent Channels.)  

Q: Do you do workshops?

A: Yes.There are workshops for students currently studying TCM. And there are workshop for educators around using visuals and active participation in the learning process. 

For more information please email: albert@tcmpicturebook.com