the Extraordinary Vessels Handbook

Introducing the Extraordinary Vessels Handbook from TCM Picture Book. This richly illustrated text is designed for acupuncture students or those new to the Extraordinary Vessels.

The material covered this handbook includes background theory, pathway descriptions, functions, uses, and treatment techniques. Each aspect of the Extraordinary Vessels is illustrated, explained and broken into bite-sized, manageable sections.

The Extraordinary Vessels are a beautiful and powerful part of acupuncture theory. But they can be difficult and overwhelming at first. The Extraordinary Vessels Handbook provides a solid foundation to use the Extraordinary Vessels in a modern acupuncture practice.

Background: an overview of the underlying concepts of the extraordinary vessels as a whole.

Pathways: clear step-by-step descriptions and illustrations of each pathway.

Functions: straightforward explanations of the TCM functions of each vessel.

Clinical Use: When to use the extraordinary vessels and how to incorporate them into treatment plans.

Reference Charts: complete summary charts provided for easy reference.

The Extraordinary Vessels Handbook comes in wide variety of formats including: print, iBooks, Kindle, and Kobo.