Hello there SWAC friends, 

Chinese Medical Theory III Notes

This the text that will be used in Chinese Medical Theory III (203). 

This text consists of 360 pages of illustrated and written work. There is no other text for the class. The text you receive will be double sided and bound. 

The text will be delivered to SWAC and available Monday, May 9th.  

(Orders after this date will be $5-10 more per book based on printing costs.)

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1. If you have any questions about ordering please email me: albert@albertwstern.com

2. NOTE: When ordering you will be asked for shipping details. The texts will be delivered to SWAC on Monday May 9th. The shipping details are used to confirm payment info and identity. 

3. There is no PDF version of the book available. I understand the desire however at this time I do not have that available. 

4. I will attempt to have a version on iTunes/Books. If you pay for the printed book I will make sure you have access to a free copy of it on ITunes/Books. I will try to do this, I cannot promise it will be done in time. 

5. You do not need the text before the start of the first week. If you would like to read beforehand I suggest, Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step - by Edward De Bono or The War of Art by Steven Pressfield