Tradition Reimagined with Pictures.

About TCM Picture Book

Studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine is not easy. There is just a ton of new information to take in, comprehend, and remember. It is a challenge to everyone studying the medicine. 

TCM Picture Book provides texts and study guides to help in the process of learning Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

The Power of Visual Storytelling

Our brains take in visual information differently than written material. In many ways our minds are built to take in visual information quickly and succinctly. We can harness visuals as a means to learning complex material such as TCM.

The Author and Artist, Albert Stern

Albert Stern has a degree in design & illustration from the School of Visual Arts in NYC and acupuncture and Chinese medicine from Bastyr University in WA. He worked in medical advertising for many years learning how to tell complex stories simply.    

Today Albert is an instructor at the Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder and The Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Denver, CO.

He teaches a variety of classes using a range of visual tools to illustrate the complex concepts of TCM. 

He runs a practice in Denver's Sunnyside Neighborhood.

You can reach him at:


We are surrounded by visuals that quickly communicate complex ideas

We are surrounded by visuals that quickly communicate complex ideas